Book Club on Zoom every Wednesday 7 p.m.

Posted: August 7, 2020

Readers! Do you LOVE to read and learn? Do you enjoy discussing ideas with others? We invite you to join us on Zoom for a new Book Club meeting Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m.. Come when you can!

Our first book is Strong Through the Storm, by Jim Cymbala. Be inspired as we discuss God’s highest calling in the midst of shifting cultures.

Later this fall, we’ll be reading the awesome Answering Jihad, by Nabeel Qureshi.
And we have more exciting titles in the line-up that will stretch our thinking, build our faith, and provoke our prayers and actions.

Please contact us ahead so we can provide you with a copy of the book(s). There is no cost. Come and enjoy stimulating learning and friendship.